Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Weather in the Ozarks

Well, there is no need to tell you that we've had a lot of rain lately.  Rain, hail and high winds.  Thank goodness we have had no damage to the storage buildings at either Beaver Storage in Avoca or Beaver Lake Storage in Eureka Springs.

Even though all is well, I would encourage everyone to look in on their stored property and double check things.  In weather like this almost anything is possible and if you catch a small water leak early you can avoid damage to your property.  Since storage facility managers don't have access to individual units, the only way they know a problem is brewing is if the tenant catches it and brings it to their attention.

Stored property is the responsibility of the person leasing the storage space.  The storage facility does not insure the items being stored in their buildings.  Find out if your home owner's insurance policy will cover your belongings that are stored in a self storage facility.  If it doesn't, consider purchasing tenant insurance.  We offer a policy that has different coverage limits and is billed out with your montly storage rent.  You can get coverage for almost anything except flooding for as little as $8.00 per month.

Give your storage facility manager a call if you have any questions or find any problems in your unit.  You can reach Beaver Storage at 479-636-9498 and Beaver Lake Storage at 479-253-2020.